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Always return to the scene of the crime...

Long time no update! Well I'm back and I bring presants...

9 Buffy
3 Angel
6 Firefly
(18 icons)


1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

10 11 12

13 14 15 16
17 18

Comment and credit if you take.

Just trying out a new style! xD
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I'm taking #17 like you wouldn't believe! Will credit in keywords. Thanks!
Taking #13, will credit, of course. Thanks for sharing these! ^_^
I'm taking 4 and 6 and will credit.
omg where did you get your icon or the caps for it?
I made the cap from my own video of the show and I made the icon as well. :)
thats so gret anyway you could cap that sence for me?
Sure, not tonight though. I've had a rough day at work and am trying to just relax right now.
Sure whenever your up to it oh and feel better oh I know go get a hair cut that makes me happy
Hehe, I'm more of a long hair girl. But thanks for the idea. :)
SQEEEE! *huggles* the cuteness of #13 will credit...
New style is lovely - faded but still colourful and clear. The simple text works really well too.
Taking number one. Beautiful icons.
Firefly!! Yes! Ha, I'm just getting into that show, it's so good. Where did you get caps for it, btw? I can never find any.

I took 16 for now, they're all great. :D
I get my firefly caps from
Snagging #6 cause I love that expression on her face :)
snagged 3, 6 and 13 (of course). so shiny- will credit...thanks
Snagging 4.
13 is love.
Aaaaw. #13! Taking and crediting, thanks!
think i already asked u this but do u mind if i take your icons and place them on im putting a new area for icons done by fabulous people...
pretty please?
TAking #15, with much chuckling. Thanks! Will credit.
Took 15 and 17, will credit thanks.